I Had a Dream

With distinctly hermit-like tendencies, my idea of paradise was always a bit different from others I knew.

My one constant, life-long dream was to live on about 200 acres in East Texas, fenced and cross-fenced, with trained Dobermans patrolling the property, and signs posted every 10 feet stating:  NO TRESPASSING -  VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT –  SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN.

My Perrydise

Happily, I married a man who shares my hermit-like tendencies.

Today we’re sitting on about 20 acres on a hill in a forest in East Texas, partially fenced, with a couple of signs that simply state:

The Dobies in my dreams have morphed into Beautiful Sonny the Super Mutt, Casey the Cantankerous Terrior, and Janet the Jumping Terrior.  And every so often, BJ the Black Lab mix will spend a few days with us.

Close enough, don’t you think?   :)

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