Crippled Coon and Dear Deer

We’ve had a crippled baby raccoon hanging around for a week or so.  We’ve tried to get close enough to catch the little guy, and had zero luck – you’d be surprised how fast a two-legged coon can move.  Until today… we finally caught him – and immediately took him to a local wildlife rehabber.  With luck his leg will be mend-able.

There is a small herd of deer on the rehabbers property, and I was lucky enough to be able to pet one!  I was over the moon, and happily David took a few pics with his phone:

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One Response to Crippled Coon and Dear Deer

  1. Donna says:

    Sadly, the little Coon had to be humane put to sleep. Both hind legs were severely infected to the point of gangrene, and his broken leg was shattered… not just fractured. The baby was in great pain and suffering a slow death – there was nothing else to do. He died in caring arms, and now he is healthy and pain free.