From the “You Might be a Redneck if…” Department

If any family members happen by here, they may remember the old Midland Boombox pictured below.

Old Midland Boombox

Oscars old Midland boombox

It was Oscars…see the paint?  It’s been in a leaky shed for 13 years.

After Roberts old stereo that had been working in the workshop for as many years finally died,  David resurrected the Midland.

The thing is so old it takes an odd 2 prong power cord that we don’t have, or a slew of D batteries that we also don’t have, but no worries… David is nothing if not resourceful.

How Did He Do It?

Old Midland Boombox

Oak stick wedged in Battery compartment…

  • found a transformer equipped power cord
  • removed device plug end, and stripped wires bare
  • cut a piece of Oak wood to fit D Battery compartment of boombox (any wood will do, oak was handy)
  • wedge Oak stick into Battery Compartment…holding stripped power cord wires to contact points.

Voila!  An ancient, but working radio for his shop.

Old Midland Boombox

Old but still playing

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