Even MORE Cool Stuff

Today we took photos of more cool stuff.

pen & ink bird illustration

pen & ink bird illustration

This is a beautiful little colored pen & ink illustration.  It’s of a small European songbird called a Cole Tit.

The image looks like it may have come out of an album originally.  Sadly, it hasn’t been well cared for, but it’s still a very pretty piece of art.  The detail is incredible.  Definitely worth a little tlc.

Across the bottom of the very discolored and slightly deteriorated paper are barely legible words that read (as best we can decipher):
“COLE-TIT I. W. Levin del a sculp ! Publysh’d as the Act directs Nov 7 1759″

And then there are all the movie posters…

29 Movie Posters

We found these folded (aaarrrggghhh) and stuffed in a 1958 Road Atlas (also pretty cool).
Folding them pretty much ruined any potential value, but they are still really cool.

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