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Murdoch's Pier on Galveston Beach

We have this odd painting that’s been in the family forever it seems (or at least since the mid-seventies).

We recently sent some photos to an Fine Art expert, and got an interesting reply:

I am afraid I can add little to what you already know about this intriguing painting. It has a lot going for it as a work of art firstly, then for the dedication to an important person in American legal history and lastly because of the Pier itself. I remember it from my time there in 1966 but more importantly its dismantling appears to have been unpopular. I cannot find any reference to an artist with the name Whiskey Harper and even ignoring the first name as a nickname there really is no other Harper that fits the bill and he may not be the artist. I think this is worthy of more research by sending an image to a Texan Fine Art Museum [I am not sure Galveston has one!].

What we know (or at least think we know)

typed title on painting

Murdoch's Pier, Galveston

In a nutshell…

It’s titled “Murdochs Pier on Galveston Beach”

It came out of Judge Hughes offices – probably in 1975 when she retired, and it was going in the trash.

It is hand signed and dedicated to Judge Sarah Hughes from Whiskey Harper 08/26/65.

To Judge Sarah Hughes from Whiskey Harper 08/26/1965

To Judge Sarah Hughes from Whiskey Harper 08/26/1965

Judge Sarah Hughes is sadly most famous for swearing in then Vice President Lyndon B Johnson in as President on the tarmac at Love Field Airport, Dallas on November 22, 1963 – hours after President John F Kennedys assassination.

There was also a valuation – not an exorbitant amount – but enough to get my attention. Need to see about having it cleaned and protected now, and see if I can find some museum contacts.

And no worries – this painting is NOT for sale.  :)

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