A Week Without Internet…


My history with Hughesnet Satellite Internet Service goes back 3 years.   When we moved out here we were not serviced by cable or DSL – our only options being dial-up, or internet via Hughesnet satellite. We ponied up several hundreds of dollars for the dish and installation, plus $70 per month for the service.

The service has not been without problems.  The overall speed is only marginally better than dial-up, and if there is any sort of “weather” between me and the satellite – forget it. The Hughesnet Modem itself proves to be problematic – requiring frequent and multiple restarts, disconnects and reconnects, and several replacement modems - usually involving multiple calls to Hughesnet Support.

Annoyingly, Hughesnet apparently runs thier call center(s) out of India.  Every call to support involved me repeatedly asking the agent to repeat themselves in an effort to understand what they were saying. All in all it has been an expensive and frustrating experience with Hughesnet.

Death of a Modem

A week ago, the Hughesnet Modem went out, again – and this time nothing I did could cajole it to power back up.  I dutifully gathered my information and called support.

As always, I got an agent in India, and we went through the usual round of “try this, ok now try this, hmm, ok – now try this” before the agent advised me that the modem was dead and must be replaced.  The agent then said I was “out of warranty” (translation: my 2 year term of service has been met) must pay $150 for a new modem!  I of course said “No, I must NOT”.

After some discussion, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  The agent placed me on hold and went off to “get a supervisor”.  After a few moments the agent came back and stated that he and the supervisor had decided that since I was such a good, long term customer – they would send me a modem free of charge…and it will take 5 – 7 days.  Not good, but at this point I’m getting tired of dealing with this, so ok.

Then the agent said I must pay to ship the dead modem back to them…

I stated that I would not pay to ship the dead modem back to them.   After more discussion, I asked again to speak to a supervisor.  Back on hold I went…and after a few moments the agent came back and said they would give me 7 days credit.  I advised that yes, indeed, they WOULD give me 7 days credit – for the 7 days I will be out of service while waiting on the replacement modem - but I STILL will not pay for shipping.

Once again I asked for a supervisor. After a few more minutes on hold, the agent returned with the offer of an additional 7 days credit – for a total of 14 days.  I grudgingly agreed to this and my replacement modem order was placed on Wednesday, 12/15/2010.

next…Dial-Up a Backup

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