A Week Without Internet – 5

Hughesnet Calls

By 3:30pm Wednesday, 12/22/2010 my internet connectivity is back and running without problem via CenturyLink DSL.  I consider calling the Hughesnet tech to cancel his “between 3 and 5pm” appointment, but decide to go ahead and give Hughesnet a chance.

At around 5:00pm, the Hughesnet tech calls me.  He is in Ennis, TX and is on his way to me – he’ll be here by 7:00pm.   At this time of year – it is dark-thirty by then, and the yard where the Hughesnet Satellite dish is installed is not lit.  I tell the tech that is too late and to please just forget the order.

He advises me that techs are “graded” by jobs completed, and cancelling mine now could harm his rating with Hughesnet.  Not wanting to cause anyone employment problems, especially at Christmas – I tell him ok, go ahead and come out.

He arrives around 7:00pm as expected.  Because it was dark – I rode down on the 4-wheeler to meet him and guide him up to the house.  He works on my Hughesnet Modem set-up for 30 minutes or so and succeeds in getting the modem registered and functional on the system.

Dueling ISPs

By 7:30pm on Wednesday, 12/22/2010 – I am positively COVERED in internet access options!!

At this point I plan to give DSL a try, and compare speed, service, reliability, etc. with my past Hughesnet Service history.

I must admit – at this very moment, it’s not looking good for Hughesnet.

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