A Week Without Internet – 4


Wednesday, 12/22/2010 arrived at last!  I eagerly anticipated the 10:00AM arrival of a CenturyLink Internet tech to hook me up to DSL.

At 9:30AM I called to confirm status and was advised that the tech had my order in hand, was running on-time and would arrive between 10:00AM and 12NOON.

Not an auspicious beginning – this is not what I was told originally, at the time the order was placed, but… I wait.

HIGH NOON and Beyond

At 1:30PM I’m still waiting.  I decide to call again.  This time I am advised that there is “some Central Office Work to be done and they cannot send a tech until that is completed”.  WHAT!!  They’ve had a bloody WEEK to get that done.  So, when will this “work” be completed?  “It MAY be worked tomorrow” is the reply.

After being off-line for a week, feeling distinctly bruised and battered by the whole ordeal – my blood-pressure shoots to the moon.  At this point I am so angry I’m about to say some very un-appropriate words to the hapless Call Center Agent.  I hang-up.

After I calm down – I call CenturyLink back to try and escalate this issue.  I explain the situation to the USA-based Call Center agent, and spend the next 30+ minutes on hold before the line goes dead.  I give-up, indulge in a brief pity-party, then go outside to try and enjoy an afternoon campfire with DH – who is off early from work.

The TRUTH – a Novel Concept

Less than an hour later a CenturyLink van comes bouncing up the driveway!  When I express my surprise – the technician explains that I am the first person to receive DSL this far out, and while the Central Office work has been done – bugs had been discovered during provisioning this morning which had delayed the process.  In short – I am the guinea pig.

Ah!  THAT explains EVERYTHING.  If ONLY the CS Agent had told me this when I called at 1:30PM – I could have avoided soooo much stress, frustration and resulting less-than-positive feelings.

In just a few minutes the CenturyLink tech hooks up my new router, checks my signal strength, and fires up my browser.   SUCCESS!!  Google Chrome with 10 tabs positively LEAPS onscreen!  I haven’t seen speed like this since we left Big D three years ago!

In spite of the less than desirable beginning – so far, I am positively THRILLED with my new CenturyLink DSL.  Is this too good to last? – we shall see.

next… Hughesnet Calls

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