A Week Without Internet – 2

Dial-Up a Backup

While I was waiting for the replacement modem, I decided to called my local telephone carrier (CenturyLink) to see about getting dial-up access in the interim.

Imagine my surprise when I reached a USA-based call center – in Arizona, or Arkansas – I forget, but it doesn’t matter…  the important thing here is the call center was NOT in India!  YAY!!  Now if their Support Call Canter is also in the USA, I’ll be positively ecstatic!

I was even MORE surprised when I was told I could now get highspeed access from my phone carrier!  YAY!!!

Granted – after years of begging, pleading, hoping for another broadband option… I am skeptical – but at 1/3 of the price of satellite – I am willing to give them a try.  I placed an order for installation – scheduled for 10:00am Wednesday, 12/22/2010.

next…Replacing the Hughesnet Modem

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