A Week Without Internet – 3

Replacing the Hughesnet Modem

The new modem arrived on Tuesday, 12/21/2010.  I excitedly unpacked it, connected it, powered it up, and immediately ran into a wall – the unit must be “registered”, but the required 28 digit Registration Number was not included with the replacement modem.  grrrr.

I called support, reached an agent in India again, and explained my situation.  He advised he could take care of it “no problem”, and we proceeded to work through the steps to modem registration.  This was no easy task – with me struggling to understand his thickly accented english.

After 30-40 minutes of editing settings, holding while the agent checked something, more editing, more holding…the process failed – repeatedly.  The agent then advised that a technician must be sent to my house, and… there would be a charge for this service!!

“No, there will NOT be a charge”, I replied, “I will NOT pay for a technician to come in my house to make your equipment work.”  The agent advised that he could do nothing else, but would give me a number to call someone who could.  Feeling very “jerked around”  - I told him it simply wasn’t worth it, and hung up.

Canceling Hughesnet

Later, I called the business office to cancel my Hughesnet account and was connected to a truly English speaking agent!  OMG!  To me it appears that US “Business” calls get a Native English speaking CS Agent – but “Support” gets India… sigh.

After the obligatory discussion of why I was cancelling, this agent advised me she would be more than happy to send a technician out at no charge.  I advised her that I had already placed an order for service with a new provider, but if they could get a tech out before then I would give them that opportunity.

The agent said she would personally manage my order through the system, and call me back with a local tech number within the hour.

She was as good as her word, and called me back in about 30 minutes with a company name, a non-local telephone number, and Service Order number, advising me that my repair order had already been assigned to them and all I need to do was call with that service order number to schedule an appointment.

I immediately called the number given.  My call went to voicemail, so I left my name, number and information.  Call back came at 9:00PM.  The Hughesnet tech says he can be here between 3pm and 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday).

Ok….  I’ll finally get internet access one way or another by Wednesday.

next… WWWednesday!

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